A L E X A N D E R   R O B O T N I C K

Electro Revival

Robotnick is a cult musician for the electro buffs who immerse themselves again in the eighties production. Miss Kittin, Kiko, The Hacker and a wave of bootlegs (about twenty up to today including one from Carl Craig) paid their tribute during last months. Yet, at this juncture, the unpredictable Italian is back to business with some new productions and a surprising and totally new live act/DJ set... Robotnick aka Maurizio Dami made himself known in 1983 with a few Ital-electro – disco singles such as Problèmes d’Amour or Les Grands Voyages de l’Amour. Those tracks released during the very beginning of the electro-dance music would bring him a passing fame in Europe: the slightly trash exoticism of this middle-of-the-road popular song in French with a strong transalpine accent will make him a kind of electro Jacques Dutronc. Yet, very quickly, Robotnick lapses into theatre and audiovisual music and, in 1987 he made a complete change of direction taking over the register of world music. During years, Robotnick would cease to exist for the general public making endless collaborations on his own label Hot Elephant with African, Indian and Kurdish musicians. Was it the end of Robotnick first version? Actually, it wasn’t: Miss Kittin brought out again Dance Boy Dance (a 1983 track) on her mixed compilation Radio Caroline while Kiko lines up a series of reissues and remixes thwarting a rush of bootlegs. Moreover, Maurizio, which Grosso Modo met again in Italy, has not consigned his first love to oblivion. This acknowledgement results since a few months in several live acts and DJ sets by Alexander Robotnick across Europe! The Florentine blithely blends his own cuts remixed with the must in modern electro and that electro he simply contributed to fond in the early Eighties. Is there a Robotnick method? “Usually, I prefer dance music which makes more way to the melody and the originality of structures. I don’t dislike house or techno as long as they are of good quality. But when I started to work with those kind of sound, I rapidly got bored because I found all that too cold”. A common point with his new friends The Hacker and Kiko with whom he has started a new collaboration. As, on the melodic dimension of his compositions, the producer is intransigent as well when it comes to make his tracks known to clubbers. Beside, he intensifies this occupation “I’ve never thought seriously about deejaying because I’m not very cautious with vinyl... I developed my DJ set in April 2003 when I eventually managed to get a computer gear, which met my needs. This laptop Djing allows me to bring a musician touch in my sets and to play my own tracks live”. That is an original aspect on the current electronic scene, strengthened by this fifty years old young fellow playing behind his desk, who is likely to be the more reserved pioneer in the present electronic music.

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Hervé Lucien, October 2003

Translated by Raphaël Messand